Our Radiology Services


At X-ray Professionals, whether you need an ACC x-ray, a private x-ray, or an xray your doctor has decided should come under POAC we have got you covered.

We are a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider.

 We work with our customers throughout Auckland, particularly The North Shore.

Simply turn up with your referral form and we will be able to assist you.



We accept all referral forms for ACC xrays. There is a surcharge of $20 for ACC.

The images are available immediately on the Horizon Inteleviewer for your referrer to view. Your referrer will receive the report within 24 hours.

Urgent reports are available within one hour.

We have the latest equipment from the USA and Germeny to provide the best quality images.

You may request a copy of your images on a CD.

In the few cases where ACC declines to cover your injury then you will be responsible for the cost of the x-ray.




We are a Southern Cross affiliated supplier.

This means there will be no charge to you provided Southern Cross accepts your claim. It only takes us a minute to check this.

If they only cover part of your claim, then you will be expected to pay the difference.

Be assured that our images are excellent, produced on the latest DR equipment from the USA and Germany.

Your referrer can see our images on Horizon inteleviewer, and will receive the report  within 24 hours after the completion of your examination.




If your Doctor requests your xray under POAC, we treat this request as urgent, and will be sure see you straight away.

We appreciate that you may be feeling unwell, so will be extra sensitive to your requirements.

The report will be with your Doctor within the hour, and images sent to the local DHB.

There will be no charge to you.



We accept all referral forms for private xrays.

At X-Ray Professionals have installed modern DR equipment so our images are the best available.

The charge for xrays is $120. If more than one area is required please check with us for the total cost.

Your Doctor will receive the results within, but he can view the images on the Horizon Inteleviewer immediately.

How Can We Help?

If you're interested in getting your xray done in a friendly professional environment, we'd love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 4199692.


Radiology services

I have been using X-Ray Professionals for some years since they were located behind Northcote Shopping Centre. Their new premises have made it even a more enjoyable experiece, and there is even a very good cafe just next door. Thanks for the friendly caring service.

Megan D

If you need an x-ray and want it done without waiting this is the place to go. The quality of the x-ray images was amazing. The Radiographer ensured she knew exactly how I injured myself so the correct pictures were taken. Overall cannot fault the service.

John B